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Research Overview

The Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University believes in the power of gender research to lead to gender equality. 

Our investment in gender research includes both our own original research projects and our support of the gender-related research of postdoctoral students, graduate students, and faculty through a range of fellowships and convening interdisciplinary seminars and conferences. The scope of our dedication to advancing gender equality through the power of gender research extends beyond the walls of Attneave House to the far corners of Stanford's seven schools—we fund and incubate gender research from the Medical School to the Graduate School of Business. Our support for gender research even extends beyond Stanford, through our guest lectures, conferences, symposia, and other programmatic events, which welcome leading gender researchers from around the world.

Together, our research, lectures, events, and fellowships, contribute to our understanding of the barriers to equality and that inform solutions for change.