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Media Mentions

photo of woman in distillery

Better if it's Man-Made?

Clayman Institute Director and Former Faculty Fellow
Mar 29 2019
photo of Eberhardt and Noah interview

Jennifer L. Eberhardt's "Biased": Interview on The Daily Show

Former Faculty Research Fellow
Mar 27 2019
Slate logo

Avoiding burnout by finding balance between work and more work

Clayman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
Mar 22 2019
illustration of two faces

The Startling Ways Our Brains Process Racial Difference

Former Faculty Research Fellow
Mar 20 2019
WIRED logo

New Parents are Fleeing STEM Careers

Former Post-Doc Fellow
Mar 7 2019
photo of Okamura and student in lab

I wasn’t one of those kids that always loved robots

Former Faculty Research Fellow
Mar 4 2019
photo of two black office chairs and one pink chair with pink balloon

Correll Q&A about progress toward gender equality in leadership positions

Clayman Institute Director
Feb 21 2019
Salon logo, letter S with circle

Why Women are Dropping Out of STEM Careers

Former Post-Doc Fellow
Feb 20 2019
nature magazine logo

Nearly Half of US Female Scientists Leave Full-Time Science After First Child

Former Post-Doc Fellow
Feb 19 2019
photo of test tubes

Funders should evaluate projects, not people

Former Faculty Fellow
Feb 9 2019