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Media Mentions

Letter T

11 New Books We Recommend This Week

Clayman Institute Director
Nov 30 2020
logo of Nature

Schiebinger on fighting to embed analysis of sex and gender into science

Former Director
Nov 25 2020
Letter T

"What Tech Calls Thinking" Might Really Be Something Else

Clayman Institute Director
Oct 13 2020
Inside Higher Ed

Review: "What Tech Calls Thinking"

Clayman Institute Director
Oct 9 2020
The Guardian logo G

Just 20% of New York theater created by people of color, study finds

Faculty Fellow
Sep 30 2020
Brookings logo

Breonna Taylor, police brutality, and the importance of #SayHerName

Clayman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
Sep 25 2020
The Guardian logo

The disruption con: why big tech’s favourite buzzword is nonsense

Clayman Institute Director
Sep 24 2020
LGBT Youth

Effect of LGBT anti-discrimination laws on school climate and outcomes

Former Faculty Research Fellow
Sep 24 2020

Academics call for the departmentalization of African and African American Studies

Clayman Conversations Event
Sep 10 2020
photo of Belt

Some suffragists in the 19th century exploited stereotypes

Former Faculty Fellow
Aug 12 2020