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Media Mentions

photo of test tubes

Funders should evaluate projects, not people

Former Faculty Fellow
Feb 9 2019
photo of woman in lab

Illustrating the bias of people-based project evaluation

Former Faculty Fellow
Feb 8 2019
illustration of working women, one holding pink slip of paper

Correll and Rao quoted on unequal effects of layoffs for working mothers

Clayman Institute Director and former PostDoc
Jan 30 2019
Social Forces

Cupcakes and craft beer: gender bias toward producer and product

Clayman Institute Director and Former Faculty Fellow
Jan 22 2019
illustration of woman with giant magnifying glass

"Likeability" and social expectations for high-achieving women

Women's Leadership Lab Sociologist
Jan 11 2019
photo of empty frame

How to Fix Biased Performance Evaluations

Clayman Institute and Women's Leadership Lab Researchers
Jan 11 2019
photo of Glenn Close accepting Golden Globe

Deborah Rhode's book is quoted on the "beauty bias" against aging women

Stanford Law Professor and Former Clayman Institute Director
Jan 10 2019
photo of player sitting alone on bleachers

Michela Musto is interviewed by Fatherly about the pressure boys feel to excel at sports

Clayman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
Dec 20 2018
photo of woman walking on narrow white line

Study: When Leaders Take Sexual Harassment Seriously, So Do Employees

Clayman Institute Researchers
Dec 14 2018

Ashley Martin examines some surprises about being older and female in the workplace

Clayman Institute Faculty Fellow
Nov 26 2018