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Helen E. Longino
Clarence Irving Lewis Professor in Department of Philosophy, School of Humanities and Sciences
Chair of the Department of Philosophy, Stanford University
Faculty Research Fellow, 2008-09

Helen Longino's teaching and research interests are in philosophy of science, social epistemology, and feminist philosophy.  She is the author of Science as Social Knowledge (Princeton University Press, 2001), and many articles in the philosophy of science, feminist philosophy and epistemology.  Among her many co-deited volumes is the Scientific Pluralism, Vol. XIX of the Minnesota Studies in Philosophy of Science.  She is currently completing a book-length comparative analysis of four approaches in the sciences of human behavior, focusing on research on sexual orientation.  This analysis includes both an examination of the logical structures and interrelations of these approaches and study of their social and cultural reception and uptake.

During her 2008-09 fellowship year, Professor Longino worked on a new project examining convergences and divergences in western feminist and postcolonial feminist approaches to knowledge, rationality, and the idea of science.

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