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Faculty Fellows' Lunch Featuring Christina Smolke

Thu March 17th 2016, 12:00pm
Faculty Fellows' Lunch Featuring Christina Smolke

Christina Smolke: "Increasing the Percentage of Women Graduate Students and Faculty in STEM Fields: A Conversation about Programs and Best Practices."

Professor Christina Smolke will lead an interactive conversation about her on-going research on the low representation of women faculty members in the School of Engineering and STEM fields.  Smolke has recognized a substantial drop-off in the percentage of women as one moves from undergrad, to graduate student, to faculty.  Students may graduate without having had a female faculty member as a course instructor, despite departments and leadership recognizing this problem. What filters do departments put in place when identifying and screening top applicants? What are the expectations of top junior faculty candidates?  Why are women faculty members not winning searches?  Join Smolke as she identifies practices and programs that can effectively address this critical issue.

Christina Smolke is Associate Professor Bioengineering and, by courtesy, Chemical Engineering.