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Gretchen Carlson: BE FIERCE

March 13, 2018 - 6:00pm to 7:15pm
Cemex Auditorium
Gretchen Carlson
Shelley Correll

In conversation with Gretchen Carlson, author of the newly released book Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back, a moderated discussion with Professor Shelley Correll, the Barbara D. Finberg Director of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research.When Gretchen Carlson made the decision to "walk off the set" and speak up about sexual harassment in the workplace, she jumped off a cliff by herself, but it led to a new calling: empowering women to reclaim their power against any injustice.After the former Miss America, mother of two, and star news anchor stood up, and spoke out, women all over the world joined the movement and began to take back their lives, careers, and dignity. Gretchen became the voice for the voiceless. BE FIERCE shares Gretchen’s experience and powerful stories from the thousands of women who have reached out to her who refuse to submit to intimidation of any kind. Gretchen will also share the wisdom and research of lawyers, psychologists, and other experts helping to confront this problem and advance what has become an international conversation about women refusing to shut up and sit down.Named one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world for 2017, GRETCHEN CARLSON is one of the nation's most successful and recognized news anchors and a tireless advocate for female empowerment. She’s also graced the cover of Time and Good Housekeeping magazines and is a marquee columnist for Time's Motto. Since making the decision to speak up against sexual harassment, she sparked an international conversation about the pervasiveness of the issue and in doing so discovered every woman has a story._____________________________SHELLEY CORRELL is professor of sociology and organizational behavior at Stanford University and the Barbara D. Finberg Director of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research. Her expertise is in the areas of gender, workplace dynamics and organizational culture. She has received numerous national awards for her research on the “motherhood penalty,” research that demonstrates how motherhood influences the workplace evaluations, pay and job opportunities of mothers. Professor Correll recently led a nationwide, interdisciplinary project on “redesigning work” that evaluates how workplaces structures and practices can reconfigured to be simultaneously more inclusive and more innovative. She is also studying how gender stereotypes and organizational practices affect the entry and retention of women in technical professions and how the growth of the craft beer industry affects the founding and success of women brewers.  She is currently writing a book called Delivering on Diversity: Eliminating Bias and Spurring Innovation._____________________________Book signing to follow discussion. Attendees will receive a free copy of BE FIERCE upon arrival to Cemex Auditorium, while supplies last._____________________________

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