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Gender News Articles: Law

Nov 16 2021 | Posted In: Activism, Feminism, History, Law
Why have anti-abortion movements been so successful? How did we get here and where are we going? For Jennifer Holland and Melissa Murray, understanding the history of this movement and the legal terrain of the abortion battle is essential for activists, scholars and policy makers who are on the...
Apr 20 2021 | Posted In: Intersectionality, Law
Following the murders on March 16, 2021 of eight people in Asian massage parlors in Atlanta, six of them Asian women, media coverage often focused on questions about the individuals. Were the women sex workers? Were they victims of trafficking? What were the motives of the young white male shooter?
Jun 25 2020 | Posted In: Feminism, Law
A legal trailblazer who played a leading role in the development of public defenders; a beloved teacher on women and the law; the author of a law text on civil procedure, a biography and a memoir; and for the Clayman Institute, an “enormously supportive” friend from our earliest days.
Jan 27 2020 | Posted In: Activism, Feminism, History, Law
Karen Offen, a senior scholar of the Clayman Institute, agreed to a question and answer interview with Gender News to share her research on women's suffrage in the U.S. and Europe.  The recepient of many fellowships and grants, including Rockefeller, Guggenheim, and NEH, she holds an honorary...
photo of student group
Aug 26 2019 | Posted In: Academia, Law, Sexual Assault
Stanford’s website provides prospective students and their parents with a treasure trove of information. By clicking a few links, applicants can learn about Stanford’s tuition,admission processand undergraduate programs. They also can learn about the types of financial assistance, athletic programs...