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Gender News Articles: Feminism

Dec 3 2013 | Posted In: Activism, Feminism, Leadership, Work and Organizations
In 1969, a feminist group called the Redstockings published a manifesto on women’s liberation. In it, they emphasized the importance of women coming together and discussing the particular obstacles they faced on account of their gender. They called this process “female consciousness-raising,” and...
May 7 2013 | Posted In: Academia, Activism, Diversity and Inclusion, Feminism, Jing Lyman Lecture
All of us at the Clayman Institute were saddened to learn that First Lady Jing Lyman died on November 21, 2013. We miss her.
Sheryl Sandberg talks with fans
Apr 15 2013 | Posted In: Feminism, Leadership, Work and Organizations
What would the world look like if 50 percent of our institutions were run by women and 50 percent of our homes were run by men? Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg can’t claim it would be utopia with “flowers and guitar playing.” But here’s what she does know: Our companies would be more productive. “When...
Mar 18 2013 | Posted In: Feminism, Unconscious Bias, Work and Organizations
“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” We’ve all heard it. The adage contains more than a kernel of truth, particularly at a time when firms receive hundreds of applications for a single position. But, according to sociologist Lindsey Trimble, networking may not be equally advantageous for...
Feb 21 2012 | Posted In: Activism, Feminism, Leadership, Mentorship, Work and Organizations
For Gloria Steinem, learning and laughter are intrinsically linked. Einstein, she told audiences at her Jan. 26 talk at Stanford University, supposedly took care while shaving because if he thought of something new, he would laugh and cut himself. “You cannot compel laughter,” she said. “It comes...