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Gender News Articles: Work and Organizations

Mar 13 2014 | Posted In: Academia, Diversity and Inclusion, Feminism, Intersectionality, Work and Organizations
“Stand up if you are the first person in your family to graduate from college!”  The year is 2034, as imagined in sociologist Marianne Cooper’s visionary essay for The Shriver Report. A fictional young woman named Antonia rises to her feet. In the audience, Antonia’s six-year-old son is cheering. 
Feb 25 2014 | Posted In: Academia, History, Work and Organizations
Over the last fifty years the composition of the workforce has changed significantly due to an influx of women into the workplace, the delayed retirement of many workers, and the rise in dual-earning households. Yet companies have failed to keep pace, remaining tied to ideals of work rooted in the...
Feb 17 2014 | Posted In: Academia, Work and Organizations
Starting this year, workers in the state of Vermont and the City of San Francisco have the right to make flexible work requests without fear of employer retaliation. These provisions are the first their kind in the U.S. While employers are not required to grant these requests, the law asks them to...
Feb 3 2014 | Posted In: Unconscious Bias, Work and Organizations
A woman’s road to the c-suite is full of hurdles. Her input in a meeting is ignored. She negotiates skillfully, and she's told she’s full of herself.  While these roadblocks may feel like personal criticisms, they don’t have to, according to legal scholar Joan C. Williams.
Dec 3 2013 | Posted In: Activism, Feminism, Leadership, Work and Organizations
In 1969, a feminist group called the Redstockings published a manifesto on women’s liberation. In it, they emphasized the importance of women coming together and discussing the particular obstacles they faced on account of their gender. They called this process “female consciousness-raising,” and...