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Gender News articles

May 7 2018
Gender-based sexual violence is pandemic—preventing it seems almost impossible. But Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellow Mike Baiocchi’s new research proves intervention and prevention are possible.
May 7 2018
“Yes, I’m against the war in Vietnam; I’m for African liberation, voter registration, and the people’s survival!” So declares the black woman featured in a 1972 Black Panther magazine illustration by Black Panther member Gayle Dickson. The powerful illustration was just one archival piece of...
Mar 21 2018
Clayman Institute for Gender Research Faculty Director Shelley Correll took the stage at CEMEX Auditorium with journalist and former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson (’90) to discuss sexual assault in the workplace and the power of women sharing their stories, in an event hosted by the Stanford...
Mar 14 2018
Stanford Law professor and current Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellow Rabia Belt explored the politics of the women’s suffrage movement in her Faculty Research Fellows presentation, “Outcasts from the Vote: Women’s Suffrage and Disability in the Long Nineteenth Century United States.”...
Mar 7 2018
Can curbing a woman’s right to religious expression affect her self-identity, her level of education, or her income? According to Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellow and Stanford assistant professor of political science Vicky Fouka, the French headscarf ban in France has emerged as a model...
Mar 7 2018
What does an opera on the Christmas tale, a program to prevent violence in Nairobi, and a robot that can sense human touch all have in common?  All are topics du jour at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research this academic year. These are just three of the eleven faculty research projects...
Mar 7 2018
Not negotiating is costly for women. This was the message of Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor of Management Margaret Neale at the Clayman Institute’s Graduate Voice and Influence Program’s event on the gender dynamics of negotiation. 
Mar 7 2018
We know a lot about the causes and consequences of gender inequality—but what about the solutions? In her recent paper, published in Gender & Society, Clayman Institute Faculty Director Shelley Correll advances a promising new change model centered on one simple but powerful idea: small changes...
Feb 28 2018
How much of what you know can be linked to your gender? Can your knowledge of a certain topic be attributed to your gender? These are just some of the questions posed by PhD candidate and Clayman Institute Graduate Dissertation Fellow Molly King.
Feb 28 2018
Imagine you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to apply for your dream job, but there’s a catch: You have most—but not all—of the qualifications the employers want. Do you take a chance and apply?


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