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Gender News articles

Mar 7 2018
We know a lot about the causes and consequences of gender inequality—but what about the solutions? In her recent paper, published in Gender & Society, Clayman Institute Faculty Director Shelley Correll advances a promising new change model centered on one simple but powerful idea: small changes...
Feb 28 2018
Imagine you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to apply for your dream job, but there’s a catch: You have most—but not all—of the qualifications the employers want. Do you take a chance and apply?
Feb 28 2018
How are the virtual worlds associated with the internet threaded into the cultural fabric of a city? This question guides the research of Karem Said, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Anthropology at Stanford. Focusing on how internet use varies across gender, class, and other social markers...
Feb 28 2018
How much of what you know can be linked to your gender? Can your knowledge of a certain topic be attributed to your gender? These are just some of the questions posed by PhD candidate and Clayman Institute Graduate Dissertation Fellow Molly King.
Feb 13 2018
Do robots have a gender? Or, perhaps more curiously, why do humans feel the need to assign gender to robots? These are just some of the questions that Faculty Research Fellow Allison Okamura, Stanford University professor of mechanical engineering, posited to an enthusiastic audience during her...
Feb 13 2018
“Why aren’t more of India’s women working?” Aruna Ranganathan, assistant professor of Organizational Behavior in the Stanford Graduate School of Business, asked at the beginning of her Clayman Institute Faculty Research Fellows presentation. While extant explanations and policy solutions place a...
Feb 7 2018
How does a writer imbue his characters with a gender, gendered behaviors and attributes, that seem authentic, and not stereotypical, to the reader? How do the social aspects of gender inform the fictional universe of his novel?
Jan 22 2018
Gender research is the foundation of feminist activism because it bolsters the movement with empirical data. In tandem with the Clayman Institute’s founding mission of conducting and supporting gender research, the 18-month-long "Breaking the Culture of Sexual Assault" series underscored the...
Jan 22 2018
To call Zerlina Maxwell’s talk on solutions and best practices for combatting sexual assault timely is an understatement.
Jan 19 2018
The culminating speaker of the Clayman Institute’s “Breaking the Culture of Sexual Assault” series, Zerlina Maxwell believes that men are the key to stopping sexual assault. A lawyer by training, as well as a sexual assault survivor and activist, Maxwell boldly pushed back against well-meaning...


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