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Gender News articles

Jun 10 2019
The Clayman Institute announced the winners of this year’s Marilyn Yalom Prize and the Marjorie Lozoff Prize in May.
Jun 10 2019
“Are boys better at school than girls?” Michela Musto, a postdoctoral fellow at the Clayman Institute, asked middle school students, after observing their classrooms. Musto recently presented their answers to an audience of Clayman Institute faculty fellows.
Jun 10 2019
View Video of the Symposium here Scholarship can transform the real world. This powerful message underpinned the symposium on “Gender Equality in 2019: What Is it Going to Take to Get Us There?” in honor of Professor Shelley Correll’s ninth and final year as faculty director of the Clayman...
May 28 2019
At an awards ceremony Wednesday, President Marc Tessier-Lavigne will present a 2019 President’s Award for Excellence Through Diversity to the Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research and to Thomas Kenny, senior associate dean for student affairs in the School of Engineering. During the...
May 15 2019
The General Social Survey, or GSS, is one of the most important data sources for researchers studying American society. For the first time ever in its nearly 50-year history, the survey’s 2018 data release includes information on respondents’ self-identified sex and gender. The new data will allow...
May 13 2019
In the United States, 3.9 million people have a degree in engineering. Only about 1 in 3 degreed engineers, however, are currently employed in their field of study. Most degreed engineers instead wind up working in related fields like computing or engineering management. But a sizable minority of...
May 1 2019 | Stanford Report
When staff and faculty at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research learned that their building would be renamed for Stanford alumna and psychologist Carolyn Lewis Attneave, they were both excited and inspired, according to institute director Shelley Correll. Read full article from Stanford News...
Apr 25 2019
“Picture the open road.” For many, the automobile is associated with freedom. But how does the social and cultural meaning of the automobile change when analyzed from the perspective of African-American drivers? Dr. Allyson Hobbs, associate professor of American history, director of African and...
Apr 25 2019
Think back to the last time you went to the doctor. How would you rate the quality of care you received? Did the doctor show concern toward your health? And how would you describe their bedside manner? Did they seem compassionate, intelligent, funny or rude? According to Stanford Professor of...
Apr 19 2019 | Humanities & Sciences
Two new professorships elevate Stanford’s leadership role in promoting research on the root causes and societal implications of gender bias and in partnering with private and public organizations to design and implement practical solutions. Read full story at Stanford School of  Humanities and...


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