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Gender News articles

Jan 18 2016
“One of the most important things we do at the Clayman Institute is mentor the next generation of feminists, and encourage them to think about how they can foster change starting now,” enthused Ann Enthoven, the Institute’s director of programs and leader of the Institute’s internship programs.
Dec 14 2015
“Raise your voice!” We’re often encouraged to speak up and speak out, to make our voices heard. But what happens when the voice itself becomes a source of unconscious bias? Meghan Sumner, associate professor of linguistics at Stanford and former Clayman Institute faculty research fellow, provides...
Nov 17 2015
When interviewed about the impact of family commitments on her surgical career, one woman shared a colorful story about practicing surgery while pregnant. Late in her pregnancy, in the middle of performing emergency surgery, she experienced her first contractions. However, rather than stopping the...
Aug 12 2015
We all know the popular stereotypes of what happens to adults as they advance in age: they become less competent, are often seen as less “feminine” or less “masculine” to the point of being androgynous or even asexual, and they become grumpy and discontent. Yet, research by Stanford professor of...
Jul 15 2015
Search online for the terms “feminism” and “global feminism,” and you’ll discover that feminism today comes in a variety of flavors, largely dictated by differences in the causes, concerns and condition of women around the world. Yet, while culture, politics, education and society may differ from...
Jun 24 2015
Jill Abramson, the first woman executive editor of The New York Times, was fired in 2014, despite garnering eight Pulitzer Prizes during her three-year editorship and, according to Stanford professor Ann Grimes, being “one of the most distinguished journalists of our time.” Abramson did not lose...
May 19 2015
Is it possible to imagine the Clayman Institute without its Jing Lyman Lectures? Its tradition of collaborative books and publications? Its beloved Serra House? Not likely, but such might be the case if not for former Institute director and scholar, Marilyn Yalom, PhD. Yalom was a pioneer in the...
May 18 2015
What comes to mind when hearing the term, “the hunting ground?” To many, it may sound like a wild game hunt, calculating and predatory; yet, it is the title of a documentary film about sexual assault on university campuses across the nation. The following statistics can help clarify the rationale...
May 3 2015
“Methinks I see them stand shivering on the brink of the dreadful gulf,” John “Damnation” Murray preached in 1788, describing sinners with “their hearts throbbing—their eyeballs rolling—their teeth gnashing—and their trembling voices beginning the eternal shriek!” Without repentance, these sinners...
May 3 2015
Man up. Grow a pair. What are you, a sissy? These phrases are used casually in everyday conversation. But why are these expressions so common? And what are their consequences?


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