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Gender News articles

Jul 23 2014
Since 2000, the year the U.S. census first allowed respondents to identify as multiracial or multiethnic, the number of Americans who identify with multiple races has increased dramatically. Given that respondents are now allowed to check multiple boxes on the census, that’s not surprising. However...
Jun 15 2014
“I don't know what's worse,” wrote a user of the popular Facebook page, Stanford Race Confessions, “the actual racism that I experience whenever I'm home…or coming to Stanford and being told that we live in a post-racial society and that we should stop talking about race.”
Jun 10 2014
We often encounter platitudes about what an interconnected place the world is, how we are all linked in the circle of life, and only by working together through interdisciplinary collaboration can we overcome the obstacles between a us and a global paradise. While idyllically compelling, this...
Jun 2 2014
Scientific objectivity and the cool assessment of facts are the hallmarks of the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines. So, of course, stereotypes have no place in these research labs and university departments. Or so you might think. But, when evaluating identical resumes,...
May 29 2014
Stanford University was founded in the 1800s when mainly children of the privileged class had the opportunity to enroll in universities. Today, students come from a variety of race, social, ethnic, religious, and geographical backgrounds, as do faculty and staff. Yet in many ways, the culture at...
May 29 2014
Which motto most closely reflects your behavior during group discussions?  (a) The squeaky wheel gets the grease  (b) The duck that quacks the loudest gets shot  Your answer may depend on your background and upbringing.  If you were discouraged from standing out, or taught to be interdependent, the...
May 27 2014
Two years ago, Bill Gates famously proclaimed that he didn’t understand how anyone could donate money “to build a new wing for a museum rather than spend it on preventing illnesses that can lead to blindness.” Such frivolity, he suggested, was morally equivalent to blinding one percent of the...
May 19 2014
Perhaps nowhere is the stalled gender revolution more apparent than in the executive and leadership ranks of business, government and education. For the past thirty years, women have surpassed their male peers in earning undergraduate degrees, according to the National Center for Education...
May 15 2014
Can taking a selfie be a feminist act? The answer to this question, according to Stanford professor Peggy Phelan, lies at the intersection of feminist art and photography.
May 7 2014
When Kenji Yoshino began his first job as a law professor, he was openly gay and wrote about sexual orientation and constitutional rights. One day, a colleague pulled him aside and advised him that he had a much better chance of getting tenure as a “homosexual professional” than as a “professional...


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