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Gender News articles

Apr 6 2016
Understanding the persistent nature of gender inequality requires an examination of men and women, masculinity and femininity. Too often, when we talk of gender, we talk of women; when we think of race, we think of people of color. The dominant groups—those who hold most power in society, such as...
Apr 6 2016
A growing number of men today are advocating for feminist causes, notable among them public figures such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, award-winning writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and critically-acclaimed entertainer Aziz Ansari. However, as men join in the effort to promote gender equality,...
Apr 6 2016
What are some of the causes and consequences of violence against women? What role do men play?
Mar 9 2016
Silicon Valley companies help solve the world’s most difficult and complex problems. Yet the puzzle of how to make high tech more inclusive and welcoming to diverse talent remains unsolved. In technology, women are 3.7 percent of R&D Executives, less than 5 percent of Principal Engineers/...
Mar 3 2016
On February 18, the Clayman Institute launched its 18-month symposium, “Breaking the Culture of Sexual Assault.” The series of lectures, panels and discussions digs deep into the issues surrounding sexual assault to uncover its underlying causes and engage the community in a conversation on...
Jan 19 2016
The Clayman Institute welcomes Alison Dahl Crossley as the new associate director, bringing new leadership and a fresh focus on research. In her new position, Crossley leads the Institute's strategic focus, operations and academic and community relations. "I am thrilled to work with the team at the...
Jan 18 2016
“One of the most important things we do at the Clayman Institute is mentor the next generation of feminists, and encourage them to think about how they can foster change starting now,” enthused Ann Enthoven, the Institute’s director of programs and leader of the Institute’s internship programs.
Dec 14 2015
“Raise your voice!” We’re often encouraged to speak up and speak out, to make our voices heard. But what happens when the voice itself becomes a source of unconscious bias? Meghan Sumner, associate professor of linguistics at Stanford and former Clayman Institute faculty research fellow, provides...
Nov 17 2015
When interviewed about the impact of family commitments on her surgical career, one woman shared a colorful story about practicing surgery while pregnant. Late in her pregnancy, in the middle of performing emergency surgery, she experienced her first contractions. However, rather than stopping the...
Aug 12 2015
We all know the popular stereotypes of what happens to adults as they advance in age: they become less competent, are often seen as less “feminine” or less “masculine” to the point of being androgynous or even asexual, and they become grumpy and discontent. Yet, research by Stanford professor of...


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