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Gender News articles

Jan 17 2013
We think of them engraved on urns. Sculpted in white marble. Crowned with laurel wreaths. Wrapped in togas. Anything but feeling human beings. 
Jan 15 2013
We are living in a new economy. The core of our economic system has shifted from manufacturing to a focus on service occupations and high-tech, intellectual capital. As part of this shift, more women have moved out of the house and into the workforce. We all know that work itself is different. But...
Jan 7 2013
Twenty years ago, President Bill Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) into law, giving employees the right to take unpaid leave for certain family or medical reasons. But over the past two decades, says law professor Catherine Albiston, employees have actually had mixed...
Dec 6 2012
The Clayman Institute's new Voice and Influence Program is helping cultivate female leaders at Stanford.
Oct 15 2012
Female economists are a rare breed in academia. Perhaps that’s why labor economist Myra Strober has spent a career in the academy mentoring young women in her field. A new writing prize in Strober’s name aims to honor her work, recognize her mentorship efforts, and introduce students to Strober’s...
Sep 25 2012
A smile, sigh, or glare would never influence anything important, like a woman’s math scores or her decision to become an engineer, right? Wrong. According to new research by Stanford psychologist and Clayman Institute Fellow Gregory Walton, such cues can greatly impact women’s math performance and...
Aug 1 2012
Popular beliefs about work-family issues characterize working moms as having a divided focus on home and work - they are therefore seen as less competent, less committed, and, as a result, less worthy of employment and promotion than men or childless women.
Jul 19 2012
The Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research is committed to empowering women’s voices and leadership on the Stanford campus and beyond.  To promote this goal, the Clayman Institute is publishing profiles of our Advisory Council, women and men who have volunteered their time and energy to...
May 31 2012
Men and women of all ages packed into Stanford’s Cubberly Auditorium for a documentary film and panel discussion.  This was no ordinary documentary.  The audience did not passively view the film; instead, they were engaged in learning more and taking action. Written and directed by Jennifer Siebel...
Apr 24 2012
When a Los Angeles police car ran over and killed Susan Burton’s 5-year-old son, her sorrow led her to alcohol and drugs. Her poor black community did not have counseling services, but it was a hot spot for drugs.  Burton was eventually arrested for a drug offense and entered the criminal justice...


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